品牌:FIP  型号:FLS 9.06  加工定制:否  
     类型:在线  测量范围:0-14  显示方式:液晶显示  
     探头型式:投入式  精度:1%  温度补偿范围:5 ℃ 
     电源电压:24 V 工作温度:25 ℃  
    新型M906PH /ORP 控制器
    The new FLS M9.06 is a powerful pH/ORP monitor designed to satisfy a broad range of applications. A 4” wide full graphic display shows measured values clearly together with many other useful information.

    Moreover, due to the multicolor bright backlight, measurement status can be determined easily also from very long distance.

    A tutorial software guarantees a mistake-proof and fast set up of every parameter.

    A calibration based on automatic buffer recognition plus a in line adjustment allow to achieve a precise and a reliable measurement in every conditions.

    Main Features

    • Wide full graphic display
    • Multicolor backlight visualization
    • Help on board
    • Automatic recognition of pH buffers
    • In line adjustment
    • Analog output for temperature remoting
    • Mechanical relay for external device control
    • Solid State Relays for programmable alarms
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